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Humor is how I make sincere connections quickly. I’ll make a stupid joke about the weather while I am standing in line – a personal observation to a complete stranger that could wind up in a genuine smile between us.

We elicit emotions from each other like this all day, because we need to connect and we want to smile. We want it so bad, we’ll even tolerate advertising for it. Even though we know it’s sales manipulation; if it makes me laugh then it gave me something. I will be more likely to remember it and even pass it on.

So why are some folks scared of using humor when communicating to large groups? I suspect it often comes from not knowing the audience. If we don’t feel comfortable enough to consider humor, then we probably don’t know the audience well enough to speak at all.

Because, there are many facets of humor – everything from the horse-guffaw-coarseness to the sweet and gentle nod. Humor is a bridge not just because it connects us and makes us smile. It’s a bridge, because it can lift our conversations above currents that would normally prevent a sincere connection.

I mean, if it can make advertising taste better then is there really any doubt it can do the same for any kind of communication?

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