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Unless you are a fairy with wings made out of tears from happy children, art isn’t magic. It’s a skill like cooking. And like cooking the results depend on the ingredients and conditions. So, obviously, if I provide an artist/craftsman the proverbial sow’s ear, I should not expect back a silk purse. Or to put it in the literal, if I hire an interior designer to ’knock it out of the park’ with my living room redesign, but I stipulate that he must use my favorite sports rug, my grandmother’s horse-hair couch, the lounging chairs I just got from Crazy Bill’s Water Damaged Furniture Outlet, my stepmother’s liquor bottle lamps and a paint color of my dachshund’s favorite mating pillow, then the result is going to be about as compelling as the clichéd instruction to ‘knock it out of the park’.

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