Hello Staar!

Hi Jaimie! Thank you for taking the time to connect with us the other day. It was great to meet you and discuss what is happening at Starr. Consider us excited to be a part of your team for upcoming animation, infographic, and other digital media projects. We think we would be a great fit to help you connect with and educate patients and doctors on the use and benefits of your products. Below are a few of our favorites we’ve created. We hope to connect again soon!

Contact us: mrhill@bakerandhill.com     202-246-4357

Scientific American – Kavli Prize: Neuroscience. View Full Series
National Geographic: Treasure Hoard
National Geographic: World Weirdest Snakes
World Bank: A Quick Primer on Disruptive Technology
2018 Kavli Prize: Astrophysics
National Geographic: What is greenstick fishing?
DEA – Operation Prevention Series: Steroids
Uncover the Treasures of the World Bank Archives
2018 Kavli Prize: Nanoscience
Yale University: Yale Goes to War
National Geographic: Animal of the Year

Contact us: mrhill@bakerandhill.com     202-246-4357     www.bakerandhill.com