Hello TV One!

Thanks for making us a part of your team! We’re excited to continue working with you. Here are a few of our recent favorites, which we hope will be a good resource to have on hand and share. We are big believers in letting the style speak as much as the words, so there’s a pretty wide sampling here. We love producing animated shorts from start to finish, but also do just as much with live shows and features that need a cut to an animation. Looking forward to our next conversation!

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Scientific American – Kavli Prize: Neuroscience. View Full Series
WETA – Iconic America: Did You Know?
The Hymnist sang praises to celebrate the salvation of the soul and to save the body from slavery. View full series.
Toledo Museum of Art – Expanding Horizons: The Evolving Character of a Nation
National Geographic: Science Fiction Science
Discovery Education & Discover Financial – Pathway to Financial Success: Debt Repayment Strategy. View Full Series
World Bank: A Quick Primer on Disruptive Technology
How Stuff Works: Alternate History Series – The Great Sandwina
Weird But True: Stat Shoes of Liberty. View Full Series
Help You Help You. View full series.
Uncover the Treasures of the World Bank Archives
The Gene Explained: Is that a Banana in Your Genes?
National Geographic: World’s Weirdest Snakes
National Geographic: America’s Deadliest Sharks
Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian: Native New Your Exhibit

Contact us: mrhill@bakerandhill.com     202-246-4357     www.bakerandhill.com