Hello Universal Audio!

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us the other day. It was great to meet you and learn more about your marketing and communication goals. Consider us excited to be a part of your team for upcoming animation and motion graphics work. Below are a few of our favorites we’ve created in a range of tones and styles. We have many more, so please ask if you are looking to see something specific. Best wishes!

Contact us: mrbaker@bakerandhill.com     202-246-4357

World Bank: A Quick Primer on Disruptive Technology
BancAlliance – Expanding the reach of community banking.
Ultimate Playlist
The World Bank: Africa – Broadband for all by 2030
Discovery Education & Discover Financial – Pathway to Financial Success: Debt Repayment Strategy. View Full Series
Too Much to Do? Then Redo Your To-Do List. View full series. Visit the website.
National Geographic: What is greenstick fishing?

Contact us: mrbaker@bakerandhill.com     202-246-4357     www.bakerandhill.com