Hello WETA Learning Media!

Christian and Tina! Thank you for taking the time to connect with us the other day. It was great to meet you and learn more about your upcoming Reading Universe project. We would love to be a part of teaching teachers how to teach reading, and eager to raise our hand for any or all of the deliverables you mentioned. It felt like a great fit. Please consider us excited to be a part of your team. Below are a few of our favorites we’ve created. We have many more so please ask if you are looking to see something specific. We look forward to our next conversation. Best wishes!

Contact us: mrhill@bakerandhill.com     202-246-4357

A couple of our educational modules!

Discovery Education and Discover Financial: Pathways to Financial Success. Visit the website.
Discovery Education and Abbott: Future Well Kids. Visit the website.

A few of our interactives!

PBS and WETA: History of the Gene. Visit the website.
Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian: Native Words, Native Warriors. Visit the website.
PBS, WETA, and Ken Burns – Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies. Anatomy of a Cigarette Infographic. Visit the website.

Some of our videos!

Discovery Education and Verizon Innovative Learning: Augmented Reality
Discovery Education and RFK Human Rights: Speak Truth to Power in School
Too Much to Do? Then Redo Your To-Do List. View full series. Visit the website.
National Geographic – Weird But True: History of Water. View Full Series
Operation Prevention Series: Inhalants. View full series.
Cornerstones: Founding Voices of the Black Church – The Reader. View Full Series

Contact us: mrhill@bakerandhill.com     202-246-4357     www.bakerandhill.com