Hello Allied Global Marketing!

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us the other day. We love the work you are doing! Consider us excited to be a part of your team for upcoming animation and motion graphics projects. Below are a few of our favorites we’ve created recently. We have many more so please ask if you are looking to see something specific. Looking forward to our next conversation.

Contact us: mrhill@bakerandhill.com     202-246-4357

PBS – The Gene Explained: Big Wooly Gene. View Full Series
How Stuff Works – Unknown History Series: The Great Sandwina
National Geographic – Weird But True Animated Series: Wriggly Rain
View Full Series
The Hymnist sang praises to celebrate the salvation of the soul and to save the body from slavery. View full series.
DEA – Operation Prevention Series: Stimulants
View Full Series
National Geographic: Science Fiction Science
National Geographic Museum: Birds of Paradise Exhibit – Survival of the Sexiest

Contact us: mrhill@bakerandhill.com     202-246-4357     www.bakerandhill.com