Hello Encyclopædia Britannica!

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us. We love your content and the work you are creating! Consider us excited to be a part of your team for upcoming animation, interactive, and motion graphics projects. Below are a few of our favorites we’ve created recently. We have many more so please ask if you are looking to see something specific. Looking forward to our next conversation.

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National Geographic – Weird But True: Eggs-traodinary Chickens. View Full Series
National Geographic – Weird But True: Gladiator-ade. View Full Series
National Geographic: Science Fiction Science
National Geographic – Weird But True: Wriggly Rain. View Full Series
National Geographic – Weird But True: Sidewalk Cafe. View Full Series
How Stuff Works – Unknown History Series: The Great Sandwina
National Geographic: World Weirdest Snakes
National Geographic – Weird But True: History of Water. View Full Series
The Gene Explained: Invasion of the Gene Snatchers. View the full series!
National Geographic: America’s Deadliest Sharks


PBS and WETA: Statue of Liberty. Visit the website.
PBS, WETA, and Ken Burns – Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies. Anatomy of a Cigarette Infographic. Visit the website.
PBS and WETA: History of the Gene. Visit the website.

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