Hello RRG!

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us. Consider us excited to help communicate Renewable Resources Group’s unique capabilities, values, and initiatives to your audiences. Below are a few of our favorite projects, with an emphasis on samples that express complex technical material concisely through engaging styles and accessible tones. These span animation, infographics, and interactive media.

We are big believers in letting the style speak as much as the words, and we care deeply about finding the right look and feel for each project we take on. The style we envision for Renewable Resources Group may differ from those below in alignment with your broader brand evolution, but we thought this would be a good sampling to have on hand for now. We look forward to our next conversation!

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Animation & Motion Graphics

World Bank – Changing Wealth of Nations
World Bank – A Quick Primer on Disruptive Technology
Scientific American – Kavli Prize: Neuroscience
View Full Series
World Bank – Africa: Broadband for all by 2030
World Bank – Uncover the Treasures of the World Bank Archives
National Geographic – What Is Greenstick Fishing?
National Geographic: World’s Weirdest Snakes
BancAlliance – Expanding the Reach of Community Banking


World Bank – Changing Wealth of Nations Report: Infographic
View the Infographic
World Bank – CFI: Knowledge and Advisory Services Presentation Infographics
View the Infographic
Discovery Channel – Shark Week: Finning Infographic
View the Infographic


PBS, WETA, and Ken Burns – Anatomy of a Cigarette Infographic for “Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies” Campaign
Visit the Website
PBS and WETA: History of the Gene
Visit the Website
PBS and WETA: Reconstruction – America after the Civil War
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